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Cas No. 1016167-99-9 tert-butyl N-[(3S)-piperidin-3-ylmethyl]carbamate

Chemical Name: tert-butyl N-[(3S)-piperidin-3-ylmethyl]carbamate
Molecular Type: C11H22N2O2
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tert-butyl N-[(3S)-piperidin-3-ylmethyl]carbamate can be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of anticancer drugs, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, and other drugs. By deprotecting or other organic conversion reactions, it can be converted into a precursor of the target compound and play a crucial role in drug synthesis. In addition, tert-butyl N-[(3S)-piperidin-3-ylmethyl]carbamate can also be used for the synthesis of chiral ligands and catalysts, for asymmetric synthesis, preparation of chiral drugs, and other fields.

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