Cas No.1094459-16-1 2-(1-AMINOETHYL)-4-FLUOROPHENOL

2- (1-aminoethyl) -4-fluorophenol, as an intermediate in drug synthesis, can be used to synthesize more complex organic molecules for drug preparation. It can also serve as a substrate for various organic reactions in pharmaceutical research and development, such as acylation, alkylation, hydroxylation, and other reactions.

According to existing literature reports, 2- (1-aminoethyl) -4-fluorophenol can be used as some β- Intermediates for the synthesis of blockers, such as Betaxolol, Metoprolol, etc.


CAS:   1094459-16-1

MF:    C8H10FNO

MW:    155.17

Purity : 97.00%+

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