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Cas No. 127913-44-4 (S)-4-Chloro-3-hydroxybutyronitrile

Chemical Name: (S)-4-Chloro-3-hydroxybutyronitrile
Molecular Type: C4H6ClNO
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(S)-4-Chloro-3-hydroxybutyronitrile is a chiral organic compound. It is a derivative of hydroxybutyronitrile and has important application value. (S)-4-Chloro-3-hydroxybutyronitrile can be used as an intermediate in drug synthesis by adding other functional groups to generate biologically active molecules. (S)-4-Chloro-3-hydroxybutyronitrile is an intermediate in the side chain of atorvastatin. Atorvastatin calcium can effectively reduce blood lipids and has high efficiency and low toxicity side effects, which is highly favored by the market.

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