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Cas NO. 18531-94-7 (R)-(+)-1,1'-Bi-2-naphthol

Cas NO. 18531-94-7 (R)-(+)-1,1′-Bi-2-naphthol

Chemical Name: (R)-(+)-1,1'-Bi-2-naphthol
Molecular Type: C20H14O2
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(R)-(+)-1,1′-Bi-2-naphthol have the aroma of neroli and locust flower, which are relatively soft, and can be used as fixatives for essence such as soap, Florida Water, and some spices. Moreover, they have high boiling point and low volatility, so they have good fragrance retention effect. (R)-(+)-1,1′-Bi-2-naphthol can also be used as chiral initiator or intermediate in drug synthesis. Its chiral structure can control the Stereoselectivity of drug target molecules and be used to synthesize chiral drug compounds with specific biological activities.

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