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Cas No.2151823-08-2 Methyl-PEG24-Amine

Chemical Name: Methyl-PEG24-Amine
Molecular Type: C49H101NO24
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The role of methyl 24 polyethylene glycol amino in pharmaceutical research and synthesis is mainly as an intermediate for certain drugs. Peptide drugs are typically composed of amino acid chains. Methyl twenty-four polyethylene glycol amino can be used as the starting material for peptide synthesis to introduce PEG groups at the end of the amino acid chain. PEG groups can alter the solubility, stability, and pharmacokinetics of peptides, thereby enhancing the efficacy of drugs. In addition, methyl twenty-four polyethylene glycol amino may be used as an intermediate in the preparation of targeted drugs, by connecting ligands or other targeting groups to the PEG chain. This modification can improve the targeting and cellular uptake ability of drugs.

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