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(+/-)-COREY LACTONE, 5-(4-PHENYLBENZOATE) 54382-73-9

Cas No.54382-73-9 (+/-)-COREY LACTONE, 5-(4-PHENYLBENZOATE)

Chemical Name: (+/-)-COREY LACTONE, 5-(4-PHENYLBENZOATE)
Molecular Type: C21H20O5
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(±) Phenylbenzoyl Korililide is used as an intermediate in pharmaceutical research and synthesis, and can be used to synthesize more complex organic molecules for drug preparation. According to existing literature reports, (±) phenylbenzoyl corynelactone can be used to synthesize certain ACE inhibitors, such as Captopril. ACE inhibitors are used to treat diseases such as hypertension and heart failure. You can also synthesize some β- Intermediates of blockers, such as Cartiol. β- Blockers are used to treat hypertension and heart disease, among others.

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