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Cas No. 803620-46-4 2,6-bis(benzyloxy)pyridin-3-amine

Chemical Name: 2,6-bis(benzyloxy)pyridin-3-amine
Molecular Type: C19H18N2O2
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2,6-bis (benzyloxy) pyridine-3-amine is an organic compound. This compound has applications and applications in many fields.

Firstly, it is an important organic synthesis intermediate that can be used to synthesize other compounds, such as drugs, dyes, fragrances, polymers, etc. This is because this compound contains nitrogen atoms and can react with many other compounds to generate new ones.

Secondly, as a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound, it exhibits activity in many biological and chemical reactions. For example, it can serve as a catalyst or reaction medium, participating in important chemical reactions such as redox reactions, nucleophilic substitution reactions, etc.

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