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Cas No.886766-28-5 (4R,5R)-3-Boc-4-(hydroxymethyl)-2,2,5-trimethyloxazolidine

Chemical Name: (4R,5R)-3-Boc-4-(hydroxymethyl)-2,2,5-trimethyloxazolidine
Molecular Type: C12H23NO4
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(4R, 5R) -4- (hydroxymethyl) -2,2,5-trimethyloxazolidine-3-carboxylate tert butyl ester is an organic compound with various applications and uses.

Firstly, this compound plays an important role in drug synthesis and can be used as an intermediate to synthesize drug molecules with different chemical structures and activities. It is widely used in the research and production of anti infection, anti-tumor, and neurological drugs.

Secondly, this compound can also be used to prepare biomaterials, polymer materials, etc.

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