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Cas No.886766-28-5 tert-butyl 4,7-diazaspiro[2.5]octane-7-carboxylate

Chemical Name: tert-butyl 4,7-diazaspiro[2.5]octane-7-carboxylate
Molecular Type: C11H20N2O2
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tert-butyl 4,7-diazaspiro[2.5]octane-7-carboxylate is an organic compound with various applications and uses.

Firstly, this compound plays an important role in drug synthesis and can be used as an intermediate to synthesize compounds with different pharmacological activities for the treatment of various diseases, such as neurological and cardiovascular diseases. Secondly, tert-butyl 4,7-diazaspiro[2.5]octane-7-carboxylate is also an effective bioelectron transfer agent, which can promote the transfer of electrons from cellular substances to cells and plays an important role in the biological oxidation process.

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