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Cas No.916454-59-6 4-Cyanothiophen-2-boronic acid pinacol ester

Chemical Name: 4-Cyanothiophen-2-boronic acid pinacol ester
Molecular Type: C11H14BNO2S
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4-Cyanothiophene-2-borate pinacol ester has important applications in metal catalyzed cross coupling reactions. Metal catalyzed cross coupling reaction is a method of connecting two different organic functional groups together through metal catalysts, commonly used in the synthesis of complex organic molecules. 4-Cyanothiophene-2-borate pinacol ester can act as an effective functional group to react with other organic compounds (such as organic halides) and metal catalysts, forming new carbon carbon bond connections.

In addition, 4-cyanothiophene-2-borate pinacol ester can also be used to construct thiophene derivatives. Thiophene and its derivatives have a wide range of applications, including as organic optoelectronic materials, organic semiconductors, fluorescent probes, etc. By further functional group modification of 4-cyanothiophene-2-borate pinacol ester, different thiophene derivatives can be synthesized for various application fields.

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